Le Petit Faubourg - restaurant de quartier à Strasbourg

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Softs drinks
Coca, Coca Zéro 33cl 3,60€
Fuze Tea 25cl 3,60€
Schweppes Tonic, Agrumes 25cl 3,60€
Schweppes Premium Pink Pepper 20cl 3,60€
Thomas Henry Ginger Ale 20cl 3,60€
Orangina 25cl 3,60€
Limonade Lisbeth 33cl 2,70€
Diabolo Lisbeth 33cl 2,90€
Red Bull 25cl 5,00€
Perrier 33cl 3,60€
Fruit juice SAUTTER
(Apple, Orange, Pinneapple, Tomato, Apricot Nectar)
25cl 3,60€
Squeezed fresh fruit juice 18cl 4,50€
Carola bleue, verte still or sparkling local water 50cl 3,00€
Carola bleue, verte still or sparkling local water 1l 5,00€
Hot drinks
Ristretto 1,90€
Expresso 1,90€
Long Coffe 2,10€
Big Coffee 2,30€
Double expresso 3,70€
Latte Macchiato 3,90€
Cappucino 3,90€
Ice Coffee 3,90€
Chocolate 3,90€
Tea & Infusions
(selection Thématis tea, ask us for the slate)
Irish Coffee 8,00€
Grog 6,00€
Extras : decaf +0,10€ // milk +0,20€ // syrupp +0,20€ // homemade whipped cream +0,30€
Appetizers & Liquors
Kir White Wine 12cl 3,50€
Kir Cremant 12cl 5,50€
Glass of cremant (domaine Herr) 12cl 5,00€
Martini Blanc, Rouge 5cl 4,00€
Porto 5cl 4,50€
Ricard 2cl 2,50€
Campari 5cl 4,50€
Get 27, 31 5cl 5,00€
Baileys 5cl 4,50€
St Germain 5cl 5,00€
Lilet rosé 5cl 4,50€
Aperol 5cl 4,50€
Suze 5cl 4,00€
Grand Marnier 5cl 5,00€
(6cl Bacardi Rum 4 years of age, fresh mint, lime, brown sugar, sparkling water, angostura)
12cl 8,00€
Old fashioned
(6cl of Maker-s Mark, angostura, orange zest)
12cl 8,00€
Moscow Mule
(6cl of Vodka, Ginger Beer, lime)
12cl 8,00€
London Mule
(6cl of London Gordon, Ginger Beer, lime)
12cl 8,00€
Aperol Spritz
(6cl of Apérol, 6cl of proscecco, sparkling water, slice of orange)
12cl 7,00€
(4cl of Vodka Sobieski, 2cl of dry tripple, cranberry juice, lime juice)
12cl 8,00€
Pina Colada
(6cl of Bacardi Rum 4 years of age, coconut milk, pineapple juice)
12cl 8,00€
Virgin Mojito
(Fresh mint, lime, brown sugar, apple juice, sparkling water)
12cl 5,00€
Virgin Colada
(Coconut milk, pineapple juice, sugar cane)
12cl 5,00€
Cocktails Maison
(Depending on the mood of the bartender)
12cl 9,00€
Draft beers
25cl 50cl
Kronenbourg 1947 5% 2,90€ 5,50€
1664 Blanche 5% 3,50€ 6,90€
La Bête Rouge 8,5% 4,60€ 9,00€
La Bête Ambrée 9% 4,60€ 9,00€
Perle Pils 5,4% 3,00€ 5,80€
Perle IPA 6,5% 3,70€ 7,00€
Picon 6% 3,50€ 6,90€
Bottled beers
Desperados 5,9% 33cl 5,00€
Skoll 6% 33cl 5,00€
Pietra blonde bio 5,5% 33cl 6,00€
1664 0,0% 33cl 5,00€
Perle des iles 7% 33cl 5,50€
Dans les vignes 7,5% 33cl 5,50€
Strong alcohol


Bombay Saphire 4cl 8,00€
Gordon 4cl 8,00€
Generos 4cl 9,00€
Hendrix 4cl 9,00€
Citadelle 4cl 9,00€


Bacardi (brown 4 years) 4cl 8,00€
Bacardi white 4cl 8,00€
Havana club 4cl 8,00€
St james royal (royal amber) 4cl 9,00€
Plantation XXX 4cl 9,00€
Dom papa (10 years) 4cl 9,00€


Absolut 4cl 8,00€
Ketel One 4cl 8,00€
Grey Goose 4cl 9,00€


Tequila St Jose 4cl 7,00€

Whiskys & Spirits

Johnnie black 4cl 8,00€
Jameson 4cl 8,00€
Maker’s Mark Bourbon 4cl 8,00€
Jack Daniel 4cl 8,00€
Chivas 4cl 8,00€
Nikka the barrel 5cl 9,00€
Kilchonam 5cl 9,00€
Talisker 5cl 10,00€
Dalmore 12 years 5cl 10,00€

Armagnac vs 5cl 7,00€
Cognac Hennessy vs 5cl 7,00€
Calvados Père Magloire 5cl 7,00€

Eau de vie Mirabelle Miclo 5cl 7,00€
Eau de vie Framboise Miclo 5cl 7,00€
Amaretto M.brizard 4cl 7,00€
Chartreuse verte 4cl 8,00€
Extras: soft + 1,00€ – redbull + 3,50€
White wines
12cl 25cl 50cl 75cl
Cool and dry
Domaine Huttard – Alsace – Chardonnay
Dry, sweet and thirst-quenching. From the oldest Chardonnay vines in Alsace. “Cuvée l’’Effrontée.
4,50€ 9,00€ 17,00€ 26,00€
Domaine Wantz – Alsace – Riesling
Fresh, aromatic mineral and lemony.
4,00€ 8,00€ 15,50€ 23,00€
Domaine Herr – Alsace – Gewurztraminer
Violets, lychee roses and spicy notes.
5,00€ 10,00€ 19,00€ 28,00€
Domaine Huttard – Alsace – Pinot Gris
Robust, round, long in the mouth. Cuvée l’Etranger.
4,50€ 9,00€ 17,50€ 26,00€
Round and floral
Domaine des Deux Ruisseaux – IGP Languedoc
Light, fresh white wine. Aromas of white fruits and discreet buttery notes.
3,00€ 6,00€ 11,00€ 17,00€
Domaine du Météor – Faugères – Les Léonides
A wine for friends, fresh notes of white flowers and fennel, a round and fresh mouth…salivating !
5,00€ 10,00€ 19,00€ 28,00€
Domaine Pommier – Petit Chablis
Nice nose of ripe and greedy white fruits with a mouth specific to the terroir, rich and unctuous at the same time.
Domaine Pansiot – Chorey les Beaunes
Elegant, white flowers, dried fruits and hints of lemongrass.
Château Mondésir Gazin – Bordeaux
The delicacy of Bordeaux-style wood on a fresh and exotic aroma… a treat !
Domaine Fay d’Homme – Muscadet – La Part du Colibri
A Muscadet of immediate, frank and generous pleasure!
Côte du Rhône blanc
Domaine de Fontavin – Côtes du Rhône – La Petite Robe Blanche
Nice notes of pear and acacia. A harmonious and balanced wine with aromas of white flowers.
“Wine list developed with Oenosphere.”
Red wines
12cl 25cl 50cl 75cl
Domaine Wantz – AOC Alsace – Pinot Noir Non Filtré
Elegant, fruity, with delicate tannins.
4,00€ 8,00€ 15,50€ 23,00€
Mas de la Source – AOC Languedoc
Expressive nose of red fruits, round and fresh mouth.
3,00€ 6,00€ 11,00€ 17,00€
Château Franc Baudron – AOC Bordeaux
Simple immediate, velvety with beautiful notes of black fruits!
4,00€ 8,00€ 15,50€ 23,00€
Côtes du Rhône
Vignerons d’Estezargues – Cuvée des Galets
Very beautiful, unfiltered, little sulphur, fruity, greedy as desired. Everything we love!
4,00€ 8,00€ 15,50€ 23,00€
Château Coujan – VDF – Les Terrasses
Fruit, sun, scrubland and lightness…only happiness!
4,00€ 8,00€ 15,50€ 23,00€
Domaine Terres Gentilles – AOP Vieilles Vignes
Red fruits and slightly spicy. Unctuous mouth, without heaviness.
6,00€ 12,00€ 23,00€ 34,00€
Domaine Pansiot – Chorey Les Beaune
Very open! Cherry, quetsch and liquorice come together on the palate with finesse.
Domaine Hudelot – Hautes Côtes de Nuits – Les Colombières
Pleasure ! With gourmet notes of Morello cherries and almond.
Domaine de Thullon – Chiroubles
Elegant, fine and racy… The feminine wine par excellence.
Domaine Marchesseau – Chinon
Harmonious and supple, with pretty notes of cherries, black fruits and spices on melted tannins.
Château Mondésir – Blaye Côtes de Bordeaux
Pure supple Merlot with delectable notes of jammy strawberry.
la Petite Bohème – Haut-médoc
A powerful and fruity wine supported by a beautiful freshness.
Sud Ouest
Domaine Labranche Laffont – Madiran – Tradition
Forget the tannic and steep Madirans. Here finesse, freshness, balance and delicacy.
Côtes du Rhône
Domaine Bruyères – Croze Hermitage – Beaumont
Fine, tense, fruity. “Light” and dense at the same time.
“Wine list developed with Oenosphere”
Rosé wines
12cl 25cl 50cl 75cl
Château de Montfrin – Cuvée des Oliviers
Rosé pâle aux notes séduisantes d’agrumes. Beaucoup de finesse en bouche.
3,50€ 7,00€ 13,50€ 20,00€
Domaine de la Mongestine – Ctx d’Aix en Provence
Robe claire. Nez délicat, notes d’agrumes et fruits blancs. Bouche harmonieuse.
« Carte des vins élaborée avec Oenosphère »
Champagne & bubbles
12cl 25cl 50cl 75cl
Domaine Herr – Crémant d’Alsace
Fine and delicate bubbles that are fresh, floral and always ready to party!
5,00€ 28,00€
Domaine Kumpf & Meyer – Crémant d’Alsace – Extra Brut
The owner’s big crush!
Domaine Deutz – Champagne – Brut Classic
Floral aromas (acacia flowers and hawthorn) and warm brioche.
“Wine list developed with Oenosphere”


Soup of the day
See the slate, the weekly menu sheet or ask the team.
Black truffle toast
Comté AOP, ham and mixed salad.
Homemade terrine with Espelette pepper PDO
Served with olive oil toast.
Salmon trout gravlax and gremolata
Marinated in dill and pink peppercorns, served with fresh cheese and chives.
Foie gras with sarawak pepper and calvados 10 years of age
Chutney and brioche toast.
6 Speciality of Burgundi snails (parsley butter)
servie avec croûtons
Main courses
All our dishes are accompanied by a portion of seasoned salad.
Salmon trout gravlax and gremolata
Marinated in dill and pink peppercorns, served with fresh cheese and chives.
Foie gras with sarawak pepper and calvados 10 years of age
Chutney and brioche toast.
Beef tartare*
Flank steak, fine capers, red onions, seasoned with PDO Espelette pepper.
The Faubourg Burger*
Pulled beef, French emmental, raw vegetables, candied onions, homemade ketchup, honey-mustard sauce.
The Schnitzel Burger*
Crispy chicken breast breaded with tarragon, French Emmental cheese, coleslaw, cocktail sauce.
The Faubourg Veggie Burger*
Legume steak, French Emmental, raw vegetables, candied onions, homemade ketchup, honey-mustard sauce.
Zander fillet on sauerkraut
Riesling (from Domaine Wants) lemon sauce.
The Butcher’s piece* **
See the slate, the weekly menu sheet or ask the team.
Price on slate
Fish according to arrival
See the slate, the weekly menu sheet or ask the team.
Price on slate
Spaetzle pot
Mushroom sauce, smoked bacon and mixed salad.
Extra PDO munster cheese : +2€
The veal cordon bleu* **
Veal cutlet, tomme cheese and white ham.
The veal cordon bleu with munster* **
Veal cutlet, munster cheese and white ham.

*First side dish of your choice
Homemade fries / Seasonal vegetables / Mashed potatoes (truffled +2.5€) / Spaetzle

**Sauce for the butcher’s piece and cordon bleu of your choice

Green peppercorn sauce / Maitre d’hotel butter / Mushroom sauce / Chorizo sauce

Extra side dish + 3€
Small green salad : +1€
Extra sauce : +1,5€
The pavlova
Meringue whipped cream seasonal fruit coulis.
Pie of the day with ice cream
According to the delivery from the Riedinger farm and our chef’s mood, seved with whipped cream and ice cream.
The chocolate mousse and chestnut ice cream
Chocolate crumble with fleur de sel.
The chocolate fondant
Salted butter caramel and whipped cream, baked upon order.
The gourmet coffee
3 mini pastries.
The “crème brulée”
With bourbon vanilla from the Réunion.
The “kougelhopf” as french toast
Homemade bourbon vanilla custard from Réunion.
Extra melted chocolate +0,50€ or whipped cream +0,50€

Our lunch specials

from 11:30 am to 2pm during the week



Lunch special


Lunch special



We are pleased to collaborate with various local suppliers. Most are family businesses known for years on the markets of Strasbourg and its surroundings, which work in an artisanal and reasoned way. You can find many of these producers at the Neudorf covered market on Tuesdays and Saturdays.

The Riedinger farm in Hoerdt, the Diebold&Fils butcher shop in Drusenheim, the Franchi ice cream parlour, the Authentic bakery for its burger breads, the Behrens cheese dairy, the Oenosphere wine shop, the Thématis tea house, the Reck cafés, the Kronenbourg brewery, the Pearl and Malt&Hops.

Net price and services included.